Business Description and Vision

The mission of Youngstown Thermal is to provide low cost, energy efficient heating and cooling to buildings in the downtown area as well as nearby educational facilities and governmental offices. Low cost heating and cooling services in a market like downtown Youngstown will encourage and support business growth. The cities of Nashville, TN, St. Paul, MN and Jamestown, NY each used low cost district heating and cooling as economic stimuli to help modernize and grow their respective central business districts. Youngstown Thermal believes that it can help to be the catalyst to help accomplish the same objective as these successful cities have done.

Youngstown Thermal’s new business plan is based on bringing steam and chilled water services to most of the buildings in the central business district of Youngstown including pipeline extensions to the hospitals and large footprint buildings on the immediate east end of the city.

The district steam system in Youngstown has operated continuously for 115 years as a public utility serving the downtown business and educational community. The system was acquired from Ohio Edison in 1980 and doubled its business during the first few years of the 1980’s. The system serves approximately 50 buildings in the downtown area. The expansion and technical updating of the system in the 1980’s was accomplished with an investment of $7 million. In 1996, a district cooling system was installed on the central business district’s west end near Home Savings and Loan Association. That system currently serves four buildings and will be expanded.

Youngstown Thermal operates under rules and regulations administered by the Public Utility Commission of Ohio and the State Environmental Protection Agency. Most of the steam customers are supplied under special contracts with the remainder being served under a city ordinance with respect to rates.

Youngstown Thermal, LLC owns and operates the steam production facility located at 205 North Avenue in Youngstown which is just west of the central business district. The Plant consists of three 100,000 lb/h field erected coal fired boilers and a 100,000 lb/h natural gas fired boiler which produce steam for the approximately 6 miles of underground pipelines that heat office buildings, retail stores, banks, government buildings, laundries and educational institutions including the Youngstown State University campus. The plant delivers steam through two systems. One steam system operates at 150 psig and the second system operates at 15 psig. The plant also supplies hot water to nearby hot water customers.

Youngstown Thermal cooling company operates a 1,000 ton absorption chiller adjacent to the west end of the central business district and serves four customers via a 900 foot distribution system that supplies 42 degrees of chilled water in a closed recirculating system. A second chiller, that has a 250 ton capacity, is used in the winter time for winter cooling needs. The steam for the chiller plant comes from waste heat delivered from turbines at the main steam plant. This process is called mechanical cogeneration.

Youngstown Thermal’s plan is to convert one or more of its boilers to use biomass (waste wood) so that the system becomes more green and has lower fuel costs. Youngstown Thermal has approximately 20 employees within their management, production and distribution staff.


The district steam system in Youngstown has operated continuously for 120 years as a public utility serving the downtown business and educational community. 

Today Youngstown Thermal

Today Youngstown Thermal


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